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Welcome to the Driver blog, where I share my thoughts on street driving and related road safety issues, and occasionally the reflections of others. 

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Some tips for new drivers
by Arline Rodriguez

The number of cars on the roads is only growing year by year, as is the number of people who want to get a license and finally drive their own car. If you have recently graduated and received a long-awaited driver's license, this material is for you.

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Why We Must Drive Better
by Bryant Sloan

As we all know, there is an awful lot that we can’t control. But sometimes it’s easy to get locked into a mindset that we’re trapped and defined by circumstances. We forget that we can overcome more negativity than we often assume.

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by Al Barker 

With so much on our minds as the days pass, it’s sometimes tough to realize how much we’ve changed over time, especially when driving is concerned. How much has your driving mentality changed over the years?


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